French Sentences

Please submit your twenty sentences on Monday.  They should be in correct French and be relevant to your age-appropriate (3 year-old audience) story.


Conjugation homework

Following the model covered in class, find the “terminaisons” (endings) for the verbs “finir” and “prendre” at “imparfait de l’indicatif”, “passé composé” and “futur simple”.  Think of a short sentence to explain the conjugation rule for each tense.  (Due tomorrow)

As a reminder, in class we looked at the verb “placer”.  The endings for this verb at imparfait were:

Je             -ais

Tu           -ais

Il             -ait

Nous     -ions

Vous     -iez

Ils         -aient

The rule we wrote in class was:

At imparfait, you remove the -er and replace it with the correct ending: