New Unit – Measurement

Measurement Unit


Goals / Success Criteria:

– Estimating, Measuring and Recording quantities using metric measurement

– Solving problems requiring conversion from larger to smaller metric units

– Determining relationships among unit and measureable attributes, including the area of a parallelogram and the area of a triangle.


We will be alternating through Data Management and Measurement each day for math.

– Fahim


New Unit – Measurement

In the measurement unit we will be focusing on:

– Analyzing data to make inferences and convincing arguments

– Means, Medians and Modes

– Plotting and describing locations of points on a Cartesian Plane

– Choosing appropriate graphs

– Designing and conducting surveys

– Scale and intervals


In this unit our Goals / Success Criterias are:

– Collecting and organizing discrete or continuous / primary and secondary data

–  Reading, describing and interpreting data and explaining relationships between sets of data


Sorry for the long post today

– Fahim


Lit Circles –

Lit circles first meeting is Mon Feb 6th.  Please be prepared to present your roles.  Each role will be presented in a group format.  Mr. BT will be evaluating each person individually.  

Today Mr. BT has introduced us an activity called Lit Circles that we will be starting tomorrow.

Today, we chose our groups with our leaders (shown below), our books and our roles.



Unit Test – Tomorrow

Mr. BT has announced that we will be having our unit test tomorrow, for that he has told us what it will consist of and he has given us 6 pages of test prep (Different Post).

The test will consist of questions regarding:


Factors/Factor Trees


Counting Coins



Order of Operation (Post Dedicated To It)


Order Of Operations – Run Down

The order of operations is the order of importance for multi-operation equation, the order is simply abbreviated to “BEDMAS”








If an operation in a multiple-operation equation has brackets around it, you must complete the equation in brackets before the rest.


If a number has an exponent attached to it, you must always do the operation for that number after finishing the brackets.


After you complete the Brackets and Exponents, you must complete the division operation.


After completing Brackets, Exponents and Division, you must complete the operation regarding multiplication.


After completing Brackets, Exponents, Division and Subtraction, you must complete the addition operation.


Finally, after you are done the Brackets, Exponents, Division, Multiplication and the Addition, you must complete the subtraction as the last part of the operation.


That’s just the run-down of the order of operation, if you have anymore questions email me at (prefered) or



L7 – Dividing by 1000 and 10000 ——L8 – Dividing by Tens and Hundreds —-Homework

Today Mr. BT gave us a package for L7 and L8 and he gave us some questions to do for the weekend. L7 is on dividing by 1,000s and 10,000s and L8 is on dividing by tens and hundreds.

The homework questions are circled in the images below.