Return to School – Jan. 9th, 2017

Well, this is the first post of the new year. I hope everyone has had a great break! As our return to school slowly approaches being just a few hours away, around 13 to be precise, I can imagine some are trying to enjoy the last remaining time before school. It felt like the break went a bit too fast for me, but I can imagine that for some, it was one that was worthwhile.

Me to We Club Food Drive

Just so you all know, the canned food drive will end on Dec. 7th. The boxes (of canned goods) will be displayed in front of the office and down the hallway in front of the staff room. Members of the Me to We club will be coming around to classrooms every morning starting Wednesday to collect items and tally the totals for each class.  A pictograph will be in front of the office showing each classes progress.  For every 10 items, one can will be added to the graph. The class with the most items will have a popcorn party. This is a message for both classes, of course.