Due Date Delays – Again

Due to the march break, some of the due dates have been delayed, again.

Data management – 24 Hours assignment – Delayed to Thursday

Measurement – Biathlon assignment – Delayed to Thursday

ELA – Graphic Organizer BLM – Due Thursday

Sorry about this, again.


Lit Circles –

Lit circles first meeting is Mon Feb 6th.  Please be prepared to present your roles.  Each role will be presented in a group format.  Mr. BT will be evaluating each person individually.  

Today Mr. BT has introduced us an activity called Lit Circles that we will be starting tomorrow.

Today, we chose our groups with our leaders (shown below), our books and our roles.



EQAO Practice Assignment – Fly-Fishing

Since EQAO is coming up quick, Mr. BT is preparing us by giving us practice assignments. Today Mr. BT gave us a text about a family going fly-fishing.

We read through it together, then we completed all the questions (except for 6) together.

After we finished it all, we looked at everyone’s answer and everyone wrote down the sentence(s) that they thought were the  best.

Tomorrow we will be assembling the best ones as a class to make a near-perfect answer.

Sorry for the long post today, we did a lot of work.

– Fahim